Why wagtime?

Compare Wagtime! to other Marin County dog boarding/ day care providers:
  Wagtime! Camp K-9* Planet Canine*
Area Description Residential Commercial/Industrial Commercial/Industrial
Overnight $45 $56 and up $35
Doggie Daycare $35 $42 $30
Hours 7:30am to Midnight every day, 365 days/year

7am to 11am and 1pm to 7pm

9am to 11am and 4pm to 6pm

Front desk closed on holidays

7am to 11:30am and 2:30pm to 7pm

8am to 10pm and 4pm to 6pm

"After hours" pickup charge None - open until midnight $25 (requires appointment); $10 per 15 min. after closing if no appointment Rate Negotiable
"Extra Personal Time" Included $12 (15-20 minutes) Not available
Walking available? Yes - nature walk included No No
Outdoor time As much as dog wants in secure, grassy backyard Limited. Enforced time in crates and indoor play area. Limited.  Outdoor area is rounded pea gravel.  Provides 9 hours of supervised indoor or outdoor play time for boarders; rest of time dogs are kenneled or crated.
Night time Run of House, and potty access to secure backyard Kennel or crate Kennel, crate or bed
Staff Small, consistent, experienced trained staff Large, combination of experienced and less experienced staff Medium sized. Staff reduced during enforced nap time

*Source: Camp K-9 and Planet Canine websites